Cyber security and fileless attacks

  Recently bank employees discovered an empty ATM: there was no money. The ATM had not been used and there was no sign of malware. After experts spent time unraveling this mysterious case, they were able to not only understand the cybercriminal tools used in the robbery but also reproduce the attack themselves, discovering a […]

Fingerprint biometrics – dispelling the misconceptions

  There is today no doubt that going the biometric route is the only way to verify that the person who presents the information is the person he or she says he or she is, irrespective of which system is deployed. Be it finger print, iris, voice or any other biometric system, it is the […]

CMMI is not the only model to differentiate your company

  The capability maturity model integration (CMMI) model is being used extensively in the US and Europe to assist companies in countering risk when awarding tenders but has only found limited application in South Africa – mainly because of cost and complexity. CMMI was developed by the CMMI project group, which aimed to improve the usability […]