Measuring the transverse sensitivity of vibration transducers

  The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) has implemented a system to measure the transverse sensitivity of vibration transducers. As a mechanical device, the principle sensing axis of an accelerometer is not 100% perpendicular to the mounting axis. This gives rise to the effect that the accelerometer will produce an electrical output even […]

Evaluating oscilloscopes for low-power measurements

  Increasing market demand for products that are portable, mobile, green, and that can stay powered for long periods of time is driving a change in new-product innovation. It’s low power, not performance, that is king. The ever-increasing need for power reduction drives engineering teams to devise innovative methods and architectures. The low-power mega trend […]

Calibration: the deceptively simple part of owning a test instrument

  Who should calibrate measurement instruments? When? And how? Users’ questions on calibration are remarkably easy to answer – provided you do not think about them too deeply. But as this article will show, there are layers of complexity underlying the issue of calibration, and they merit concentrated examination by any user who has a […]

Standards for measuring voice quality

  Hello…hello…can you hear me…hello please can you move to another spot so that the signal can improve. This type of conversation is becoming more the norm than the exception in South Africa lately. With the mobile voice penetration in South Africa being almost 100% it evident that voice traffic is aprominent medium of communication. […]

Kinetic wireless mesh networks for mining and process operations

  Kinetic wireless mesh networks enable communications and data acquisition in mobile environments such as mining operations, which are constantly changing and expanding. This wireless infrastructure is able to maintain reliable and seamless communication. Typical services required in mobile mining environments are dispatch systems, fatigue monitoring, ground probe radar, condition monitoring, fleet management, drill management […]

Expanding the dynamic range of current measurement

  Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)-based current transducers can expand the dynamic range and increase the sensitivity and reliability of current measurement. The benefits offered by ASIC-based transducers with over current detection (OCD) can help to reduce component count and, as a result, deliver higher reliability. They can also enable higher resolution from the analogue-to-digital converter […]