Seeking hotspots – what are the options?

  For measuring temperature, is it best to use a spot thermometer, a thermal imaging camera or a combination of the two? Well, essentially it depends on the job – whether you simply want to confirm temperature or investigate a wider problem. Another consideration is value for money. Are you best served by a basic […]

OTDR event analysis

  Data centre, enterprise, and FTTx fibre networks present a number of challenges when it comes to locating and measuring events and impairments. These challenges include multiple connectors and splices in each fibre, numerous short jumper cables, and splitters. Higher data speeds drive the need to ensure low reflectance and loss. The sheer number of […]

Why choose a laser-based sensor?

  Modern photoelectric sensors typically employ one of two light technologies: either LED or laser, and the choice of light source can be as important for a reliable application as the choice of sensing mode, i.e. opposed, retro-retlective or diffuse. For practical purposes the main differences between laser light and light emitting diodes (LED) light […]

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