Virtual panel discussion: Does IoT replace SCADA?

  Does the internet of things (IoT) replace supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)? Can the two be integrated? And what is the difference between the two? These three questions were asked by Kudzai Manditreza in a recent LinkedIn discussion. We invited South African industry players to share their views on these and other important […]

Icasa steps into #DataMustFall war

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has stepped into the ongoing war between consumers and network providers over the high cost of data. The communications regulator has published a notice of its intention to conduct an inquiry to determine the priority markets in the electronic communications sector. This notice forms part of a […]

Is the pressure for green electronics mounting?

  A few years ago it was fashionable to be “green”. Today it is considered essential and no longer just something that companies write about on their websites – at least according to the Green Electronics Council – headquartered in Portland Oregon, USA. The Green Electronics Council (GEC) is a mission-driven non-profit organisation that collaborates […]