3D printing: fast becoming a technology of note

  3D printing will reach a tipping point over the next three years as the market for relatively low-cost 3D printing devices continues to grow rapidly and industrial use expands significantly. New industrial, biomedical and consumer applications will continue to demonstrate that 3D printing is a real, viable and cost-effective means to reduce costs through […]

In conversation with Eric Leger, country president for Schneider Southern Africa: Going green is not just fashionable

  Green being fashionable is a tongue-in-cheek statement – but it should focus attention that going green is not just being fashionable or keeping up with the Joneses, it is for good business reasons and an understanding that we have a responsibility to care for what  we leave behind for future generations. Hans van de […]

The Internet of Things and its impact on privacy

  With 2014 being dubbed as the year of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), there are major concerns regarding the security and privacy issues that consumers face now, and potential problems they could have in the future. “We should question whether some of the great advancements in technology are designed to serve us or serve […]