Where is the extra base-load generation we need?

  • Ben Franklin

    It is foolish to ignore the cost of climate change due to coal use.

    Globally, 2014 was the hottest year since the previous century — only to be surpassed by 2015 which set many new records. The past 11 months have been the hottest since records started 137 years ago. March 2016 has been the hottest month yet on record.

  • Ben Franklin

    The health costs of mining and burning coal are nowhere included in this article.

    This includes acid drainage and mercury and cadmium vapor dispersion and poisoning on a previously unheard of scale.

  • Ben Franklin

    “solar PV, which accounts for more than half of the renewables, it can be relied on for one thing only: it will always drop to zero during the biggest peak demand period of every day”

    This is erroneous in more than one way:– Wind exceeds solar PV.

    The biggest peak demand period is from 5 to 9 pm. During the first part of this period, single axis tracking PV still deliver substantial power for several months of the year.

  • Ben Franklin

    Pumped storage is indeed of primary importance

  • Andrew Newman

    We haven’t been told the real reasons for all the delays. That must still come out.
    Insufficient finance – the build stretched out?
    Management or logistics problems?
    Design issues?

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