High performance airborne lidar system

July 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

GPI Geospatial has purchased the Riegl VQ-1560i ultra high performance airborne lidar system. An established user of the company’s sensors and systems, GPI has chosen to add the VQ-1560i to their toolbox of digital sensors to further expand their capabilities. The airborne sensor will further allow it to provide advanced mapping solutions. The VQ-1560i is an ultra-high performance, dual channel waveform processing airborne lidar mapping system. The fully integrated and calibrated system is equipped with a integrated high performance GNSS/ IMU system and a primary Phase One 100 MP RGB camera. Based on Riegl’s waveform-lidar technology, the system is capable of online waveform processing, as well as full waveform recording, thus delivering highly information rich scan data for post processing. The VQ-1560i will enable them to fly at higher altitudes and delivering increased point cloud density. The firm provides highly precise, accurate mapping products and deliverables to its clients in applications and markets such as state DOT work, private development, transmission modelling, and utility surveys.

Contact Paul Badr, GPI Geospatial, pbadr@gpinet.com

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