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February 17th, 2009, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

My Cinema for entertainment enthusiasts

Entertainment enthusiasts will be falling over each other to get their hands on the latest ingenious offering from Asus, the My Cinema. This little number is pure leisure pleasure and understandably so – it effortlessly transforms your PC or notebook into a limitless entertainment centre, giving you everything from PVR functions to MP3 listening!

Just plug the My Cinema into your computer’s USB 2.0 connector, and you’re ready to watch and record high-quality DVB-T (free to air) or analogue TV programmes. Expect to enjoy a versatile set of PVR functions such as TV viewing, schedule records, EPG records and teletext, along with loads of multimedia entertainment like FM radio listening, MP3 listening, and DVD playing.

Using Asus “Pop-up TV” technology for instant viewing, My Cinema also boasts GadgeTV technology which provides the useful Windows Vista gadget tool to watch and record live TV directly on your Windows Vista sidebar. No external power adapter is needed and the device comes with a remote control for effortless channel surfing.

Visit www.axiz.co.za

A recording studio in your pocket

Supposing you have a really large back pocket, then the above heading would be true, but you get the drift. Here is a mike that is small enough to carry around, and contains a complete recording device in its base. Powered by two AA batteries it must be the most portable recording studio in the world.

The HHD Flashmic combines a studio quality Sennheiser condenser capsule with a broadcast quality Flash recorder and is capable of delivering convenient, high-quality recordings with streamlined file delivery via USB.

The 1 GB Flash memory offers a maximum record time of over 18 hours with acceptable quality at a sample rate of 32 kHz. It is ideal to record speeches at conferences. The Flashmic offers various other recording quality options. When set at the highest quality at a sample rate of 48 kHz, the recording time is three hours but for most applications 32 kHz is satisfactory.

Visit www.emsafrica.co.za

A pen that records as you make notes

The Pulse Smartpen is another 21st century innovation. It is a computer within a pen that captures handwriting and simultaneously records audio and synchronises it to the writing. Simply tap on your notes to replay what was recorded from the exact moment you were writing. With pre-printed controls at the bottom of the dot paper notebooks, you can fast forward, rewind, jump ahead, pause or even speed up or slow down the audio recordings to easily access information. All of this information, including the audio, can then be uploaded into a PC to save, search for keywords or share with friends, colleagues and classmates.

It an ideal gift for discerning students or even for you to make notes at meetings and have an exact audio recording of what was said.

The latest innovation is MyScript for Livescribe, with which you can make edits to converted text and even create a personal dictionary of frequently used words to ensure a more accurate conversion. The text can be copied and pasted into a variety of applications, including Microsoft Word and Outlook.

The Pulse Smartpen is available in two models. The 1 GB model provides storage for over 100 hours of recorded audio. The 2 GB model doubles the storage capacity and provides more flexibility for downloading future applications. Accessories for the Pulse Smartpen are available including a leather case or two-pack of journals available in black or red. MyScript for Livescribe transcription software can be downloaded as a free 30-day trial or purchased. In South Africa the product can be ordered from Amazon.com.

Visit www.livescribe.com

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