IMU-enhanced GNSS positioning and attitude

May 28th, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

Septentrio has launched it next generation AsteRx-I, the company’s latest compact, multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS engine with an external industrial grade MEMS-based IMU. It can deliver accurate and reliable GNSS/IMU integrated positioning to the centimetre level as well as full 3D attitude at high update rates and low latency. Key benefits for users are IMU-enhanced GNSS positioning with full attitude (heading pitch and roll); quad-constellation, multi-frequency, all-in-view RTK receiver; and AIM+ interference monitoring and mitigation system. Designed around size, weight and power consumption, the AsteRx-i is well suited for optical inspection and photogrammetry. Accompanied by a UAS-tailored carrier board, the receiver integrates seamlessly into light UAVs. The versatile design and range of connection interfaces extend its applicability to automation and robotics and as well as logistics. The receiver includes Septentrio’s GNSS+ suite of positioning algorithms: LOCK+ technology to maintain tracking during heavy vibration, APME+ to mitigate multipath and IONO+ technology to ensure continued position accuracy during periods of elevated ionospheric activity. It also features AIM+ interference mitigation and monitoring system which can suppress a variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to more complex wideband and pulsed jammers.

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