Intelligent approach for optimised scheduling

May 30th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Maptek’s Evolution 5 delivers an updated interface for optimised mine scheduling with attributed solids. This upgrade enables short or medium-term scheduling with block models or solids, and seamless handling of stratigraphic reserves. It represents a more intuitive way to see the source information for scheduling. Enhanced road network tools save time setting up schedules, leaving engineers more time for analysis. With Evolution 5, users can now assign dependencies to solids and employ their preferred approach to better control schedules. They also gain more control over processes and the accumulation of parcels. Better validation of user data before submitting a scheduling job saves time later in the process and improves confidence. With Evolution Strategy users can define residual capital categories that would apply towards the end of mine life when stockpiles are depleted, allowing for dynamic adjustment of fixed administration costs. Reporting and graphing of any data related to the schedule makes comparison easier, allowing engineers to more quickly and confidently decide on the preferred plan to adopt. A new Aggregation module can also be purchased to target stratigraphic deposits.

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