Keeping abreast with surveying’s digital migration

October 6th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Geospatial solutions provider Optron held one of its regional roadshows in the Gauteng region on 5 October 2017. The roadshow gave its clients a detailed looked at its product offering and services, including its range of Trimble and other leading brands for which it is a distributor. Following the recent global trade show, Intergeo 2017, Optron also announced new products to its range.

Optron staff from its different geospatial business segments.

Optron staff from its different geospatial business segments.

This includes the introduction of the new Trimble C5 and C3 which will replace the Trimble M1 and M3 mechanical total stations. The new Zeb Revo Real-time handheld laser scanner, which offers an updated data logger that processes captured data in real-time, has also been added to its product range, and an announcement on a replacement for the popular but discontinued R4 GNSS receiver is expected to follow soon. The company’s CEO Henk Greeff in his opening address highlighted changes in the geospatial sector, advising clients to make the migration from data capturing to adding value to the digital information ecosystem. Other speakers also noted the shift in the industry towards software solutions and the merging of surveying and GIS.

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