Lidar-based security solutions

May 30th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Quanergy Systems, a provider of 3D lidar sensors and perception software, will be distributing its Q-Guard smart security solutions in South Africa through Duxbury Networking. The complete lidar-based security system for perimeter fence monitoring and intrusion detection enables real-time 3D mapping, object detection, tracking and classification. Simulating a virtual fence, it reinforces perimeter security for critical infrastructure and valuable resources. The solution comes with one or multiple lidar-based detection sensors and a perception software module. The system is designed to analyse the object detected, track its movement, and classify its type to determine whether it is human or non-human, and alert a security agent. Q-Guard also has the capability to alert and guide cameras to the area of detection. The solution includes the M8 long-range liar sensor, enabling the use of smart sensing in a wide range of situations. The sensor has a 360° field of view, long measurement range, high accuracy, fine resolution and works well in light or dark environments, in addition to operating effectively in all weather conditions.

Contact Luned Lira, Duxbury Networking, Tel 011 351-9800,

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