Low-cost access to online mapping APIs

December 20th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

TomTom, a global provider of maps and traffic data, has revamped its developer portal. Updates include enhancements to its product offerings and a pricing model geared towards small and medium sized businesses to integrate TomTom’s Online APIs into their applications. The company’s APIs and SDKs are already being used by an array of enterprises and startups for artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) applications such as fleet management, vehicle tracking and logistics.

Access to any of the online APIs, along with full documentation, daily free allowances of 2500 transactions, and easy sign-up is available at TomTom Maps APIs Developer Portal. High-quality and comprehensive location data is a critical foundation for building the next generation of IoT applications and smart cities innovation. TomTom’s Online APIs pricing model supports start-ups and allows businesses to grow at their own pace with access to all APIs in every package. Developers can evaluate, develop, and commercially deploy their products for free. Even when businesses have brought their products to market, TomTom provides thousands of free transactions, keeping the barrier of entry low. The LBS Platform and Developer Portal can be accessed online at developer.tomtommaps.com.

Contact Sebastian Mathews, TomTom, sebastian.mathews@tomtom.com