Monthly agricultural farm transactions database

July 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

GeoTerraImage’s monthly agricultural farm transactions dataset provides users access to a comprehensive source of all farm transactions since 1994. This complete, up-to-date, single source national dataset allows users access to farm transaction records with and without a trading price. The web-based platform allows users direct access to all farm transaction records anytime, anywhere. Transactions can be queried on various attributes such as class, district, deed number, size of land and price of the land traded. Furthermore, all transactions can be analysed according to race. The database can be accessed on a subscription basis, which also provides users with monthly updates. Monthly updates assist with monitoring the impact of South Africa’s land reform programme, managing changes and improvements, and measuring the impact of agricultural land sales on the agricultural production volume, to name a few. Users can also further refine their online selection as the transaction records classify buyers and sellers according to Private, Government, Business, Legal entities and so on, for the monitoring of the movement of agricultural properties between these entities. This also allows the interrogation of the information to make conclusions which address specific questions and make informed business decisions.

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