Multi-use measurement device

May 4th, 2018, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

The VegaFlex 81 guided radar sensors can provide flexible, more efficient processes paired with completely reliable status monitoring. They combine level measurement and optional interface detection in one single device. These multi-use instruments are suitable for all types of liquids, whether in storage tanks, standpipes, dosing containers or large tank farms. The range of media they can measure with great precision ranges from bitumen to liquefied gases. Thanks to the special design, even ammonia can be measured without difficulty. In terms of cost and safety, VegaFlex 81 needs only one mounting hole in order to measure the level and the layer interface continuously at the same time, particularly in pressure vessels. In addition to VegaFlex 81, which has been optimised for use in liquids, there are three more instrument versions in the guided radar series 80 – each designed for a special area of application. VegaFlex 82, for example, is ideal for measuring bulk solids under extremely harsh conditions. When foodstuffs or aggressive media have to be measured, VegaFlex 83 is the best choice. With its resistant materials and suitably finished surfaces, the instrument meets the high requirements of hygiene and durability.

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