Namibia goes for wind power

May 31st, 2017, Published in Articles: Energize


WSP, the technical advisor to Diaz Wind Power, working with a joint venture between the United Africa Group and Quantum Power, will build a 44 MW wind farm in Lüderitz. The Diaz Wind Farm will be the country’s first clean energy project and a major step to harness the full potential of wind resources for the country. Measurements at 85,7 m high, undertaken in Lüderitz, have predicted a yearly wind speed average reaching 10 m/s, with a stable wind direction. The company says this wind farm will deliver energy at lower rates than other generation plants in the country – except Ruacana – or power imports, which is good for Namibian consumers. A grid study shows that the capacity on the connecting grid infrastructure is up to 90 MW, which means that the project’s capacity could be increased at the earliest opportunity.

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