New developments at online GIS service

December 20th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Online GIS service 1Map has re-engineered its software back-end, upgraded its hardware, added off-line functionality to its mobile app, performed significant data updates, and launched two enterprise municipal GIS implementations that focus on revenue enhancement and spatial data collaboration. This process has led to a more scalable user administration portal, allowing for enterprise application roll-out and management. The company has also embarked on an extensive data update and maintenance plan that includes more regular updates of SG Cadastre, and dedicated hardware for processing and rapidly deploying the latest NGI aerial imagery. 1Map is busy processing and uploading all available SG diagrams and General Plans to it servers to increase the speed at which users can access the diagrams. The 1Map Street Address Database and Road Centrelines database has also been improved significantly to produce a reliable National Address Database. The company is now in the process of classifying the SG cadastre for the entire South Africa into Surveyed/Registered/Historic parcels, crucial for any municipal property register.

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