New local geospatial datasets

July 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

AfricaScope has employed its own methods to create a number of new local geospatial datasets. The datasets are for 2016 and cover topics such as access to motor vehicles, internet and mobile phones. Datasets on household expenditure and employment area also available at a detailed level for South Africa. Knowing how many motor vehicles there are in South Africa at a detailed spatial level provides valuable information for planning in the motor industry. It assists in defining the size of the target market in an area for the development of dealer networks. These statistics also support the spare parts, servicing and panel beating shops in developing their markets. Understanding what proportion of households has access to the internet is useful for service providers in developing new markets. Detailed information on the percentage and number of households that have internet access can be provided at an enumeration area level. Information on the number and percentage of households falling into different expenditure groups is also available at a detailed spatial level for the entire country.

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