Oil analysis for Africa

May 28th, 2018, Published in Articles: Energize

WearCheck is to supply Burkino Fsao and Namibia with oil analysis laboratories soon. The Burkino Faso laboratory will be commissioned by a specific customer, while the Namibian lab will be a commercial facility which will provide oil analysis to any industry requiring its services. Each laboratory will be equipped with a full-range of high-tech “smart” instrumentation and will be fully self-sufficient, including an uninterruptible power supply. Once the location for a new facility is identified, the laboratory is set up and instruments are supplied and calibrated. Samples, which have been delivered to these remote laboratories by customers, are analysed onsite. Test results are sent to the company’s diagnosticians who are based in Durban for evaluation. Customers receive a report based on the test results with recommendations for corrective action should this be necessary. The company operates 15 laboratories in nine countries including South Africa.

Contact Stephen Lumley, WearCheck, Tel 031 700-5460, support@wearcheck.co.za


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