Online AI tests geo-analytics on earth observation imagery

November 16th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

To bridge the gap between abundant earth observation data and artificial intelligence research, Picterra has built an online platform for making AI object detection on earth observation imagery simple and accessible to everyone. The company introduced the Beta version of the AI platform to the professional geospatial community at InterGEO 2018. The solution is an interactive, self-service AI platform designed to extract and deliver structured insights from satellite and aerial imagery. The platform allows users to upload their own imagery, access trusted satellite data sources and use an AI-powered toolkit to process and analyse this data. This enables users to derive meaningful insights, monitor trends and reveal time-bound shifts. The platform aims to serve geospatial professionals, business, NGOs, researchers, and public sector organisations looking for specialised geospatial analytics. The company also aims to make a number of tools available to engaged citizens and journalists. This includes accessing satellite imagery from anywhere in the world, detecting critical features, identifying trends, running analytics to quantify their impact and monitoring change over time. The registration to the Beta version of the platform is open and free of charge.

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