Partnership drives connected facility management

March 4th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Vetasi has partnered with building automation system provider Tridium to market and use their Niagara framework. This enables a range of equipment to send analytically processed data on their own status and that of their environment, allowing the company’s Maximo-based solutions to respond with actionable work. Niagara is an open framework operating on modern BMS hardware, which can connect existing sensors and equipment as well as supporting new devices as they are needed. Vetasi is working with Tridium partner OneSight to transform the acquired data, according to predefined business rules, into actionable information displayed in a portal or sent to Maximo. This data then provides asset management insight and produces maintenance work orders. The advantage of this approach is that Niagara and Maximo can act as a collaborative hub for all equipment, suppliers, users and smart building initiatives to make use of.

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