Pole-mounted street light system

July 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

iGuzzini announces the Wow, its minimal pole-mounted street light system. Equipped with a patented optical system for unparalleled performance, the Wow’s aluminum body is coated with a nanotechnology surface pre-treatment for maximum resistance to corrosion. The technology of exclusive and intelligent electronics allows the product to adapt to the requirements of each project and different operating needs. To assist light planners and technicians, iGuzzini developed the Streetware software, an optimal solution that includes tools to program the electronics of Wow with different profile settings. As the complexity of urban areas requires a wide range of options for light distribution, the Wow system offers six high-performing optics. This luminaire is in the Exempt Group (no risk of infrared, blue light and UV radiation). The Opti Smart Optics guarantee low energy consumption and a long life for the light source. The combination of Wow’s optics and electronics guarantees high energy savings for significant cost reductions.

Contact Scott Williamson, iGuzzini, Tel 011 881-5415, scott@iguzzini.ae

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