@Leisure: Addicted to Dakar

  The Dakar rally is, without a doubt, the world’s toughest motorsport event. And while it now takes place in South America, rather than Africa, the race is still known as the Dakar rally. As a matter of fact, the Dakar has become a brand in its own right, and 2016 saw the 38th running […]

@Leisure: Climbing the highest mountains in Africa

  The highest mountain in Libya, Bikku Bitti, is in one of the most remote, least accessible and least known parts of the Sahara Desert. This region was selected by NASA as the earthly region most similar to conditions on Mars. The area is unfit for human habitation and there are periods of 20 to […]

@Leisure: The otter trail

  The Otter Trail is a popular five-day backpack route which starts at the Storms River mouth at Nature’s Valley on the Garden Route. It stretches over 42,5 km, through indigenous forests, over rivers and along kilometres of coastline. Day one of the route entails a 4,8 km hike to the first hut, past the […]

@Leisure: The wonderful hobby of flying model aircraft

  With the Geomatics Indaba held at Barnstormers Model Flying Club in August 2015 becoming a historical event, it seemed appropriate to give readers and people who attended the indaba a little bit of background to the club and the sport/hobby side of flying model aircraft. Perhaps a good place to start might be to […]

@Leisure: Beer-brewing: A beer lover’s tale of the art

  I like beer – a lot. When I was growing up, “beer” was restricted to a handful of brands from the South African Breweries (SAB) stable, thanks to trade boycotts at the time. My taste for beer grew from experimenting with those tastes. Some stood the test of time, some didn’t – do you […]