Web service basemaps eases timely access

  With its recent launch of 88 Flock 3p satellites, Planet is on the cusp of bringing down terabytes of imagery data a day. The next challenge is to make that data accessible and to make it usable and consumable on the web. To do this the company is rolling out new web service basemaps. […]

Immersive flying experience for drone operators

  DJI has announced features and specifications for DJI Goggles, a first-person view system that gives drone pilots a seamless bird’s eye view of the world in full HD. The goggles combine a pair of large ultra-high-quality screens, long-range and low-latency wireless connectivity, and direct control of photo and video capture. Operators using a Mavic […]

Redesigned field data collection apps

  TerraGo geospatial collaboration, field data collection and enterprise mobility software, announced the availability of TerraGo Edge 4.0, offering a completely redesigned app based on customer feedback, field user observations and task-centred design cycles, as well as a host of new features including the addition of Google and Apple basemaps. Besides app performance improvements and […]

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