Compact, lightweight surveying instrument for everyday use

The Trimble M1 DR Total Station surveying instrument is a compact, lightweight and rugged total station tough enough for everyday use. Both 2″ dual face and 5″ single face models provide a 3000 m range to a single prism and up to 400 m direct reflex (DR) range to non-reflective surfaces. The EDM in the M1 […]

UAS for real-time video surveillance

The Bramor C4Eye line is used for operations where real-time or near-real time video surveillance is crucial. Stabilised C-Astral Eye interchangeable gimbals provide electro-optical CCD and uncooled microbolometer abilities which track moving objects, people and events at chosen distances, day and night. Features include simple flight planning; “one-person” operation; catapult takeoff; accurate parachute landing in […]

Off-the-shelf corridor mapping solution

  The Optech Orion C300-1, has been designed as a Class 1 eye-safe laser product and boasts a Class 1 laser product rating in conformance with FDA requirements and incorporates a 1,5-micron laser with an intelligent emission monitoring system. The new sensor provides the same level of performance and exceptional small-target detectability as the earlier […]

Powerful robotic total station

  Packaged in a modern, sleek, and streamlined design, the powerful Spectra Precision Focus 30 Robotic Total Station is a fully motorised solution with improved speed, accuracy and precision in measurement – moving the power of the observer from the instrument, resulting in increased field productivity. The Spectra Precision Focus 30 Robotic Total Station and […]

SAPO compliant geospatial data layer

  MapIT has built a geospatial layer which is SAPO (South African Post Office) compliant. This data layer includes over 900 postal code areas and in addition to this also incorporates over 2400 post office sites with post boxes for South Africa. SAPO utilises this information to help over 17 000 employees in the collection, […]

Location-based big data solutions

  GCS, a geoanalytics company, is teaming with Global Touchpoints, to develop big data solutions combining business intelligence and geospatial analytics for state and local government agencies. GCS and Global Touchpoints will be targeting government offices with big data challenges related to healthcare, energy/utilities, and water resource management. Global Touchpoints has a proven track record […]

Location perspective for business information

  Esri has released an enhanced Esri Maps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The software adds new analytical perspectives for retailers across the omni-channel. From a single store to the entire supply-chain, users can collaborate to author and share analytical intelligence on customers, stores, products, markets, and the competition with a wealth of demographic data for […]

GIS-centric solution for wet infrastructure

  The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, in Ohio (USA) has selected the Innovyze’s InfoMaster Sewer to complete its enterprise smart asset management solution, built around ArcGIS and Cityworks. The move will provide the district with a comprehensive, intuitive GIS-centric solution for data collection and management, risk- and condition-based maintenance planning, predictive analytics, and […]

Image processing capabilities of ArcGIS

  “Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS and Remote Sensing” is the first student workbook to focus on the image processing capabilities inherent in Esri’s ArcGIS software. Designed to complement remote-sensing textbooks in an undergraduate curriculum, the workbook teaches students image processing and analysis skills with ArcGIS 10.1 for desktop. The book exposes students to image […]

Increasing information mobility and integrity

  Bentley Systems, has released SpecWave Composer, the first product based on its acquired SpecWave technology. With SpecWave Composer and ProjectWise, architectural, engineering, construction, and operations professionals can finally bring automation and engineering rigor to the tasks of authoring, managing, and referencing engineering specifications, codes, standards, and other structured documents. SpecWave Composer will also work […]