3D indoor positioning through crowdsourcing

With the highest concentration of smartphone users residing in urban areas where multi-storey buildings are the norm, accurate 3D prediction is a growing requirement. However, floor-level detection is one of the most challenging goals in indoor positioning. WiFi fingerprinting can be effective in distinguishing floor but requires extensive manual surveying. Similarly, BLE hardware installations can […]

Process industries academy initiative

Siemens’ Process Industries and Drives and Digital Factories divisions are teaming up with Bentley Institute to establish a Process Industries Academy that will support the companies’ joint vision for cloud services and digital workflows in engineering and operations. The academy will help organisations to better understand and develop an effective digital strategy across all aspects […]

Tracking pipeline welds for future reference  

In response to the growing need for GPS weld location traceability for high-end pipe installations, thermoplastic piping specialist, Plasti-Tech has launched Hürner’s new Whiteline series of welding units that can record GPS location of a weld within a buried pipeline for future reference in case of a weld failure. The range features a specifically GPS […]

Software suite optimises workflow 

Topcon released Magnet 5, which includes upgrades to the suite’s Field, Office and Enterprise applications. New flexible display options help Magnet Field operators save time switching between screens. They can also select and stake surfaces, and drive survey sessions directly from the map. The screen now includes a configurable favourites toolbar and additional customisable data […]