UAV company passes two safety audits

Rocketmine, a Delta Drone Group subsidiary, has obtained both Basic Compliance Verification (BCV) and Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS) certifications after almost a year of auditing through independent consultants SGS Aviation Compliance. The company’s own Safety and Quality departments, in conjunction with qualified pilots and operational staff, drew on daily safety experience and practice to […]

High speed satellite imagery transfer service realised

The Airbus-operated SpaceDataHighway has begun regularly relaying data from the Sentinel-2A satellite, after the successful end of the commissioning period. This marks the start of the service using all four Copernicus Sentinel satellites. The service will comprise a system of relay satellites permanently fixed over a network of ground stations, with the first satellite, EDRS-A, […]

Application specific UAVs for sub-Saharan Africa

Optron is now offering Microdrones unmanned aerial mapping solutions which will provide benefits and cost savings to clients who are looking for a professional multirotor drone/UAV solution. The UAVs with its interchangeable payloads and integrated workflows for different applications will benefit clients in various sub-Saharan industries. By pairing robust drones with quality sensors, the UAVs […]