New local geospatial datasets

AfricaScope has employed its own methods to create a number of new local geospatial datasets. The datasets are for 2016 and cover topics such as access to motor vehicles, internet and mobile phones. Datasets on household expenditure and employment area also available at a detailed level for South Africa. Knowing how many motor vehicles there […]

Open data workshop analyses risk

In May 2018, Kartoza attended Understanding Risk 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. The company partnered with the GFDRR Innovation Lab and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to host a side event titled Learning Through Serious Gaming: Open geospatial technologies for disaster management practitioners (InaSAFE). It consisted of learning good practices around open data for resilience, learning […]

Unified mapping system to guide self-driving cars

Here Technologies and its regional mapping partners NavInfo of China, Increment P (IPC)/Pioneer of Japan and SK Telecom of Korea have formed the OneMap Alliance to offer a global, standardised and dynamic high definition (HD) map from 2020. The global HD map offering is aligned to the specification developed for Here HD Live Map – […]

Educational opportunities for GEOINT community

The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) has partnered with Boundless to collaborate on educational initiatives in the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) Community as well as to offer open-source resources to colleges and universities under the Foundation’s Collegiate Accreditation Program. The two organisations are dedicated to supporting each other’s educational missions through events and educational programming. […]

Mobile app for response and recovery

TerraGo released R3, a mobile data collection and collaboration app customised for the missions of reconnaissance, response and recovery. The app is available for immediate download in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) GEOINT App Store. The app enhances situational awareness, search and rescue, damage assessments and recovery efforts, and can work without network access. Designed […]

Spatially-linked video tagging and playback

Remote GeoSystems release Video GeoTagger Free and Pro tools which allows geotagging and geospatial video play back on a map. Video GeoTagger is designed for both amateurs and professionals to geotag video from drones, action cameras, cell phones, handheld and professional video systems. For videos that are already geotagged, the software serves as map-based video […]