Aerial sensor module for simple mapping

  The Phoenix aerial sensor module offers real-time mapping with survey-grade precision. It integrates a precise inertial navigation system with support for multiple GNSS constellations and a fibre optic IMU with multiple lidar scanners and a powerful Intel Haswell-based onboard computer. The IMU and lidar scanners are mounted to the same plate for maximum precision. […]

Enhanced ADMS solution for improved grid reliaibility

  Schneider Electric’s enhanced ADMS solution, ADMS 3.4, works to resolve the IT/OT gap, which is one of the single largest challenges facing utilities today. Companies need to take real-time data from the control room and turn it into actionable insights for decision makers to improve grid reliability and efficiency. Schneider Electric’s ADMS has already […]

Data provider showcases updates and additions

  AfriGIS held its 44th data show on 6 March 2014 in Midrand and explained  the latest updates and changes to its 15 main datasets.  Christopher Ueckermann presented a numerical break down of the changes to each dataset, accompanied by maps displaying the changes according to province. From this overview most prominent data additions have […]

Integrated spatial data set

  GeoTerraImage has created a new, innovative data set that has integrated the most essential elements of existing core spatial data sets into one easy-to-use product. For the first time, a single spatial data set contains detailed socio-demographic, economic, land use and landscape information to assist decision makers on municipal, district, provincial and national levels. The Stats […]