Indoor mapping: beyond the front door

  GPS can take you to just about any front door – but indoor maps open a whole new world of possibilities by making indoor spaces accessible and by changing the way we interact with these spaces. The growth of geospatial data, along with the ease of access to it through smart devices (especially smart […]

GIS-based identification of suitable sites for tilapia fish farming in Gauteng

  In October 2010, the Agricultural Research Council – Institute for Soil, Climate and Water (ARC-ISCW) was contracted to research the use of a geographical information system (GIS) for the identification of suitable sites for warm water fish aquaculture (in ponds and cages) in the Gauteng Province, to this end, suitability maps for Mozambique tilapia […]

Impact of geospatial planning on the agricultural sector

  The protection of agricultural land for production purposes plays a major role in ensuring food security for South Africa. Only about 3% of the country’s surface is regarded as having high potential agricultural land. As South Africa is a developing country, great pressure is exerted on the remaining high potential agricultural land for developments […]

Is transport infrastructure serving population and urban growth?

  This study looks at whether or not transport infrastructure is serving population and urban growth in the Johannesburg region. It takes a multifaceted approach and includes spatial analysis, information derived from the Quality of Life (QoL) surveys by the Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO), as well as literature reviews. The population of Gauteng has […]

RPAS case study: Dun Laoghaire Harbour topographic survey

  Baseline Surveys is a company with 25 years of experience in the supply of highly accurate geospatial data, such as cadastral, topographic and engineering surveys to commercial and government bodies. In January 2014 Baseline was awarded a contract to survey approximately 1 km2  of Ireland’s Dun Laoghaire town centre and harbour area for the purpose […]

3D modelling – seeing the full picture

  With the general public being exposed to 3D imagery on an ever increasing scale, it is not surprising that this has now become the standard for representing engineering data. With the imagery, simply being a representation of data stored within a formal database, extended use of this data has dramatically increased. The power to […]

Geo-database compilation for seismo-tectonic investigations

  Seismo-tectonic modelling used for seismic hazard and risk assessments requires a complete comprehension of the geology, tectonics, palaeo-seismology, regional geophysical anomalies, historical and instrumental seismicity, and other neo-tectonic phenomena like relative plate motions and current tectonic plate stresses. This paper shows progress made in compiling available geospatial data relevant for this kind of modelling […]

Quantifying service delivery demand in South African cities

  In terms of the development of towns and cities, South Africa is a relatively young country where significant development is still happening on a day-to-day basis and where dramatic growth and changes in land use have happened over the last sixty years. This has been accelerated by numerous changes in town and regional planning […]

Digital mapping system review

  The A3 Edge camera provides a complete solution together with the A3 LightSpeed Processing System. The latter automatically performs aerial triangulation and produces orthophotos, stereo pairs and DSM from all A3 cameras. This article reviews the applicability of data captured by A3 Edge for nationwide coverage orthophoto generation, mapping and 3D modeling. VisionMap, a […]

Geospatial solutions for renewable energy

  AAM provides advanced geospatial solutions for the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. To meet the needs of developers, consultants and contractors, the company has established a renewable energy focus group and has to date undertaken numerous projects in the field of wind, solar PV, solar CSP and hydro in Southern Africa and Australia. The […]