Using SG data to determine economic activity

  by Julian Williamson, Surveyor General’s Office: Pretoria The purpose of this article is to use the different types of documents that are submitted to the Surveyor Generals’ Offices in the nine provinces of South Africa for examination and approval by the professional land surveyor in terms of the Land Survey Act, 1997 and to […]

Using GPS data to characterise driving patterns and fuel use

  by Prof. Christo Venter and Prof. Johan Joubert, University of Pretoria The use of global positioning system (GPS) technologies for collecting travel data is growing rapidly throughout the world. As GPS technologies improve, a number of shifts are occurring in their application. Data collection periods are also increasing beyond the traditional one-day survey, as […]

GNSS‐based solution for material flow control and landfill management

  by Peter Rausch, Nuremberg Institute of Technology;  Fritz Schreiber, University of Applied Sciences, Coburg; and Michael Diegelmann, Rosenheim Material Flow Control and Landfill Management (MFCLM) is one of the most challenging tasks for the construction industry and logistics services. Especially in times of global competition, an increasing need for transparency and the management of […]

Reviving pre-1994 historic address maps for Soweto

  by Nic Klopper, 1Map Spatial Solutions Sometimes radical out-of-the-box thinking is called for when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems. Reconstructing accurate address maps for Soweto – many years after they had been destroyed – was one such challenge. Utility companies were contracted by the City of Joburg to install and maintain utilities in Soweto. […]

Large format printing solution for mining group

  by Jana van Vuuren, Azero Avenue The Anglo American Group of Mines’ survey and drafting offices faced printing production challenges such as large file sizes clogging networks, limited file support, inconsistent and non-standardised equipment, outdated equipment, and employees moving around within the company’s portfolio. A decision was made to standardise on HP’s large format […]

GIS and its role at the Electoral Commission

  by Clare van Zwieten, EE Publishers GIS plays an important role in enabling the Electoral Commission to fulfil its mandate to impartially manage free and fair elections at all levels of government. This article looks at the role played by the GIS Unit at the Electoral Commission in preparing for the upcoming national and […]

Video: Hydro surveying solutions for sludge dam monitoring

by Pierre Potgieter, EE Publishers Hydro surveying of mine sludge dams has become necessary due to increasing levels of mine waste, stricter environmental regulations and a growing demand for more data for efficient mine management. AngloGold Ashanti’s 2004 Report to Society states that there are more than 270 tailings dams, covering roughly 400 km2 on […]

Runway construction at a live airport

by John Wallace, Topcon Ask any contractor: there is probably not a construction project that doesn’t need to be completed yesterday from the customer’s perspective. Overlay that expectation with the added challenge of working on a live airport, and things need to move into warp speed. The team was working on a live airport, Akron […]

Creating a national online GIS repository

  Information from 1Map Spatial Solutions GIS is indispensable in planning, management and many engineering, design and property related industries. The state invests vast amounts of money to have the data captured and aerial photos flown. Despite the fact that the data in source format is available at minimal cost and, in certain instances, for […]

Mobile scanning for stockpile volume reporting

by André Oberholzer, EPA Survey The versatility and speed of mobile lidar scanning as well as its ability to survey large and difficult areas has seen the technology being used extensively on mines for stockpile volume reporting. This article compares mobile laser scanning with conventional methods and highlights the advantages of employing a mobile lidar […]