Addressing shortcomings of land tenure reform in customary land rights

Despite over two decades of intervention, land reform in South Africa is failing [1; 2]. The failure of land reform is attributed to an inappropriate logic of land reform [2], which we link to differences in how land is understood, giving rise to application of inappropriate theory for the context [3, 4]. For land reform […]

Using drones to map land ownership in Kenya

Mapping land boundaries is an important way to boost a country’s economic growth and development. It contributes towards better security of land ownership, allows land owners to get bank loans and helps governments to tax owners correctly. Unfortunately, in most African countries only about 30% of the land boundaries have been mapped. Mapping is done […]

Supporting decision making with innovative data products

  To be able to adequately plan for the future development of South Africa, we need to have a comprehensive suite of data providing insight into the past developments; the present demographic, socio-economic and land use activities as well as a forecast illustrating development potential. This data needs to be packaged and presented in a […]