Accessible GIS data: The game-changer for SA

  This article outlines how 1Map has democratised GIS data by championing the open online availability of spatial data to South Africa. We live in a wonderful country where the sun shines most of the time and where clouds bring promise of new life. In the world of geography and maps it’s also fitting that […]

Land administration for people, profit and planet

  Society is changing permanently, due to economic and political changes, technological development and globalisation of our challenges (environment, population, natural resources etc.). As a result we adapt our land administration systems continuously, anticipating as much as possible future user requirements. In this article trends, developments and proposed concepts are explained and examples are provided […]

Know your era know your data

  This article provides information on the way we see data and how it is inputted into current and future programmes. It highlights that the input method and the way the data is saved in the database is important. The article also explains the difference in the use of the period and comma in different […]