Error propagation of stockpile volumetric calculations

  In an increasingly push-button driven technological world, it is important to know what errors can be encountered when it comes to calculating the volumes of assets where a monetary value is involved. There are an increasing number of aerial and terrestrial survey companies in Africa that make use of aerial light detection and ranging […]

The role of a land surveyor in the TRANCRAA process

  Survey of property boundaries is always done prior to the transfer of land in terms of the Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act (TRANCRAA) to ensure that the land in question is not subjected to any encroachment, people tampering with boundaries, beacons, and so forth. Subsequent to this the service of a land surveyor […]

Terrestrial lidar and UAV aerial triangulation for open pit mines

  Say what you will about the past few years, it has produced some useful tools for the surveyor. First, lidar technology made it possible to collect high-density 3D data with spectacular speed, so that now almost any surveyor can afford a terrestrial lidar scanner. This has created a large new market as customers find […]