The Internet of Things and its impact on privacy

  With 2014 being dubbed as the year of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), there are major concerns regarding the security and privacy issues that consumers face now, and potential problems they could have in the future. “We should question whether some of the great advancements in technology are designed to serve us or serve […]

Multiple appointments of mine surveyors a risky business

  The increasing trend in recent years to appoint mine surveyors to positions of responsibility over multiple mines is potentially hazardous for personnel working on those mines and is hastening the demise of the mine surveying profession just as it is most needed. In terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996 (MHSA) […]

The waiting continues: UAS interim regulations expected in 2015

  The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has undertaken to have its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) interim guidance document ready before the end of March 2015. The interim guidance document is intended to be a provisional solution enabling restricted operational approval of UAS on a case-by-case basis, until maturity is attained by both the […]