PositionIT Inbox, Jan/Feb 2014

  This month’s letters focus on trig beacon maintenance, the Legal Metrology Bill, and the passing of Madiba. Send your letters to: positionit@ee.co.za Our winning letter! re: Trig beacon maintenance Having read Tony Vroom’s article on the subject of trig beacons in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of PositionIT, I’d like to add my bit. I […]

Utilising BIM to its full capacity

  Information from Aurecon Building Information Modelling (BIM) is advancing so rapidly that it tends to leave a trail of buzzwords and misconceptions in its wake. In this article,Aurecon’s Stephen Logan (Competency Leader for Building Sciences), Quentin Jackson (Service Leader for Environmental Modelling), and John Hainsworth, who heads the BIM team within the Aurecon Building […]

PositionIT Inbox, Nov/Dec 2013

This month’s winning letter focuses on South Africa’s trig beacon network and how this national assest is being eroded due to lack of maintenance and vandalism…. Please download the PDF

Disputed land

Review by Lindsay Braun, University of Oregon The centrality of the land question to popular metrics about the fulfilment of promises – or the realisation of fears – regarding post-1994 South Africa is probably so familiar to readers of PositionIT that it approaches banality to point it out. The publication of an English version of […]