Power transformer company wins two-year frame contract

February 5th, 2018, Published in Articles: Energize

A multimillion rand two-year frame contract awarded by Eskom to Actom Power Transformers represents an extension of the range of power transformers covered compared with the previous frame contract. The current contract, effective from April 2017 through to March 2019, covers the production and supply of power transformers of 1,25 MVA up to 160 MVA at 132kV, encompassing both standard double-wound units and autotransformers. During the interim period between the two sets of frame contracts, the government introduced new regulations aimed at encouraging the further development of local manufacturing capabilities and capacities by affording local manufacturers some measure of protection against foreign imports through the introduction of more stringent local content requirements for products and equipment purchased by state-owned enterprises. At the same time it designated locally-produced items to be purchased and used by parastatals for all infrastructural development, refurbishment and maintenance under their control. Locally-manufactured power transformers, among many other items of electrical and infrastructural equipment, have been so designated.


Contact Steve Jordaan, ACTOM Power Transformers, Tel 011 824-2810, steve.jordaan@actom.co.za


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