The importance of the JBCC preliminaries

May 11, 2017

There is a general misconception about the purpose and use of the JBCC Preliminaries document. Commonly referred to by contractors as “Ps and Gs”, the JBCC document was compiled to cover all those items specific to the project but which are not referred to in detail in the contract document. It is intended that the preliminaries be referred to when preparing your rates in the Bill of Quantities. Examples of such items are:

Checking of documents

Check that no pages in the tender document are missing or duplicated. Make sure that you understand the meaning and intent of each item in the BOQ. Remember that the quantities in a provisional BOQ are only an indication of the work to be executed and are subject to re-measurement. Remember that priced items in the BOQ are deemed to include all costs, overheads and profits.

Previous work and adjoining properties

Ensure that you inspect the work site. Check for access to the area where the sub-contracting is to be done and the condition of the roads. Check for existing services such as underground cables, pipes or sewers. Take photos of existing buildings and structures which could later be claimed to have been damaged by you.

Material samples

You must furnish samples of materials and equipment to be used in your installation, if called for by the principal agent.

Shop drawings

Where shop drawings are called for, submit these to the principal contractor at your expense. Only execute work in accordance with shop drawings approved by the principal agent or their agent.

Temporary services

Where water and electricity supply is inadequate for the proper execution of the works, the principal contractor shall provide an adequate supply at their own expense. Other water and electricity for the (works) project shall be supplied either by the principal contractor or the employer according to the agreement between the parties. Ablution/welfare facilities shall be provided for the use of all persons on the site by either the principal contractor or the employer according to the agreement between the parties. The principal contractor should supply telephone, fax and internet, and should recover usage costs from the users.

Prime cost amounts

If there are any PC amounts in your BOQ, remember that you must separately price for overheads and profit to cover the following, which are your responsibility: taking delivery; unloading; checking against invoices/delivery notes; carrying; unpacking; storing; hoisting and fixing of such materials.

The principal contractor is further obliged to provide the following general attendance on subcontractors: access to site, water, and single-phase power and lighting to a position within 50 m of the place where the subcontract work is to be carried out. This does not include water, fuel and power for commissioning of any installation.

The principal contractor is obliged to provide an area for the subcontractor to establish temporary office accommodation and workshops; the use of erected scaffolding belonging to the principal contractor while it remains erected on site, and the reasonable use of the erected hoisting equipment belonging to the principal contractor. The principal contractor shall take all appropriate measures for general security of the works.

Lucas Bowles, ECA regional director, East/South Cape