RFID for reliable product traceability

February 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: PositionIT

SICK Automation is showcasing transparent production based on the new RFU65x RFID read/write device. This product detects transponders at long range, recording the direction in which the objects are moving at the same time. The associated user data can be sent directly to an ERP or MES system. This reduces processing times and increases production efficiency. Identification and location solutions that combine maximum availability with a transparent material flow are vital for effective product traceability. Conventional RFID devices record RFID tags over long distances depending on sender power, aperture angle, tag properties, and application environment. Until now, directions of movement could only be derived by using additional, external antennae and intelligent algorithms. With the new technology supported by the RFU65x, both position and angle can be determined and direction of movement can be detected. Even transponders which are moving in opposite directions at the same time can be detected and their directions of movement recorded. The operating range of the RFU65x covers an angle of +/-45° with a typical sensing range of up to 5 m.

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