Roadmap to mining interoperability

May 30th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has identified interoperability as a priority industry initiative for mining, and set out to create a universal roadmap to interoperability.

Interoperability overlaps and impacts other industry subject matter and developments such as data, integrated operations, and autonomous mining. The pressing need for a common enabling approach has spawned a number of interoperability development initiatives by international industry stakeholder groups, but substantial coordinated development and progress in advancing interoperability on the international stage has yet to happen. The GMG roadmap is meant to provide guidance through the process.

To build the roadmap, GMG launched its Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Project. The project provides common interoperability definitions, principles, terms, scope, and references needed by, and to guide, further interoperability working group initiatives and developments. The result is generating input for the much-needed international roadmap: a landscape of interoperability initiatives, projects, organisations, and resourcing which are aligned, collaborate and support interoperability developments of other organisations.

The interoperability project is basic but broad. It does not get into details, specific technologies or solutions, instead taking a “mile wide, inch deep” perspective. The roadmap will consist of pragmatic, achievable and incremental steps that will enable change in the industry.

The project is organised globally, with a working group leader in each of four regions: North America, South America, Australia/Asia, and Europe/Africa. A project steering committee of 24 members drawn from a cross-section of stakeholders from the regions provides guidance; the four working group leaders are members. Within each region, the project participants are organised into three teams to address logical groupings of deliverables. Two of the teams operate in parallel, working on items like definitions, principles, organisations; their results providing input for the final roadmap drawn up by the third team.

To ensure the roadmap is a timely success in the face of rapidly advancing technology, further active leadership and strong participation by mine operators is needed to determine and drive industry advancements. More significant contribution by OEMs is also required. Broadest stakeholder input will clearly make the roadmap fully comprehensive so as to maximise its usefulness to the entire industry. It will benefit any company that sees the need for smooth interoperability in mining to shape priorities and benefit by being an integral part of the industry roadmap’s creation.

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