Rocket launch site modelled in 3D

April 19th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

3D modelling, VR and software company Concept3D developed an interactive rendering of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch site. Creating true 3D digitally is becoming possible with advances in VR/AR and with improved technologies in 2D devices like computers and mobile devices. To prototype these capabilities, the company used Mapbox and other applications to recreate the launch site of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. The company started building the core model in SketchUp, but due its slow rendering using WebGL, modified the 3D model in Photoshop and Blender instead for a faster load times and to add texture to the model. Using threebox, a library which uses Mapbox GL JS to render a Three.js scene, they then used Three.js and Mapbox GL JS to generate, add, and manipulate the models dynamically. Using geospatial anchors, the objects were locked into space on the Mapbox map. 3D renderings are typically only accessible via one view, but by using Mapbox with Three.js the user is able to spin, move through, around, and above the scene while maintaining the same level of detail and quality.

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