Scalable GNSS smart antenna for guidance and control systems

December 20th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Hemisphere GNSS released its scalable A222 GNSS Smart Antenna. The antenna offers an affordable, portable solution with professional-level accuracy for agricultural, marine, GIS, mapping, and other applications. It features fast start-up and reacquisition times, 60 cm accuracy, and an easy-to-see LED status indicator for power, GNSS, and DGNSS. The durable enclosure houses both antenna and receiver. It can be powered through various sources, making the smart antenna suitable for a variety of applications. Dual-serial, CAN, and pulse output options also make this DGNSS receiver compatible with many interfaces. The A222 is supported by Hemisphere’s Atlas Portal, where users can access firmware updates and additional functionality such as Atlas subscriptions for accuracies from metre to sub-decimetre levels. The A222 uses Hemisphere’s AthenaTM RTK engine and is Atlas L-band capable. Easy-to-mount and customisable configurations make the antenna very versatile. Its dual-serial, CAN, and pulse output options are compatible with many industry-standard interfaces. The antenna comes pre-configured with Atlas Basic activated, providing users the ability to achieve SBAS-equivalent performance anywhere in the world where the Atlas correction service is available.

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