Small pumped water storage systems: a new partner for renewable energy?

  • PavelS

    Interesting and useful article.
    Just wanted to point out:
    “Using this formula we see that a m3 (1000 kg) of water with a head of 1000 m has the potential energy of 2725 kWh.” is off by a factor of 1000. Its only 2,725 kWh.

    Which makes the need for 1MWh system also 1000x times larger reservoir….

    • Mick Rycroft

      Thanks Pavel
      It is a typo error -the figure is 2,725 kWh. The figure of 366m3 of water for 1MWH is still correct.

      • PavelS

        Hi Mick, thanks for reply. I calculated only the first number, and just took it as a given, that your second number must be off by the same factor. You are right, that the volume 366m3 is correct for the 1MWH system.

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