Software extends photogrammetric deliverables

November 8th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Trimble has announced a new version of its Inpho office software suite for photogrammetry. The suite includes two new capabilities: Match-3DX software for creating rich 3D point clouds and true orthomosaics, and Match-3DX Meshing add-on for generating photorealistic textured meshes. Version 9 of the software, expected to be available in fourth quarter of 2018, combines the classical photogrammetric capabilities with modern 3D workflows. 3DX incorporates semi global matching techniques for high quality and precision large scale point clouds and true orthophotos from aerial (frame) images. Photogrammetrists can now more clearly identify edges of surfaces in hi-res datasets for the extraction of highly precise measurements, CAD objects or digital surface models. The True Orthophoto capability ensures that each image pixel is directly related to the terrain height, simplifying mapping and the overlay of GIS data. The 3DX Meshing add-on enables the generation of highly accurate, photorealistic textured meshes that allow non-professionals to navigate and understand the real-world environment. The 3D textured meshes provide an efficient data type for use within GIS systems and web-based 3D visualisation services.

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