Solar PV industry association SAPVIA and EE Publishers reach strategic agreement

July 18th, 2017, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector


The South Africa Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) and EE Publishers, the region’s leading energy and electricity sector publisher, have reached an agreement for EE Publishers’ Energize magazine to be the official publication and voice for SAPVIA in Southern Africa.

In addition, EE Publishers’ Vector magazine, which covers electrical installations and contracting, switchgear and drives, lighting and mechanical technology in the region, will also provide coverage for SAPVIA and its members, particularly in the areas of solar PV installations, safety, standards and associated topics.



Solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, in combination with wind power and flexible generation sources such as gas, hydro, pumped storage and new emerging battery and other energy storage technologies, are set to play a major role within the power generation mix in the years ahead.

The agreement between SAPVIA and EE Publishers recognises the growing importance of solar PV technologies – both roof-top and ground-based, grid-tied and off-grid – for domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, mining and utility scale applications, in the Southern African region.

The role of SAPVIA is to represent, promote and grow a dynamic, diverse and sustainable solar PV sector in the region, including local and international developers, technology providers, suppliers, project companies, contractors, installers and end-users.

The dissemination of news and information within the solar PV sector itself, as well as to government, utilities, electricity distributors and the wider engineering sector and potential user-base in the region, is an important aspect of SAPVIA’s role.

Energize and Vector are both published in print 11 times a year, as well as in electronic format via the EE Publishers, Energize and Vector websites, and the associated Energize and Vector e-Zines, email newsletters, mobile Android and Apple apps and social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

Energize and Vector cover political, social, economic, business, environmental, legal, research, education, training, regulatory, technical, project, safety, standardisation, installation, contracting and application issues of solar PV in the energy, power and electricity sector to well over 20 000 readers and viewers.

The target audience of Energize and Vector includes the solar PV sector in its widest context:

  • Government, government agencies, regulators and standards bodies
  • Academia, research, education and training institutions
  • Electricity utilities, municipalities and electricity distributors
  • Consultants, engineering managers, engineers, technologists, technicians and artisans
  • Developers, technology providers, project companies and system integrators
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of systems, subsystems and components
  • Electrical and mechanical contractors and installers
  • End-users of solar PV systems

To maximise readership and viewership, the full content of Energize and Vector is open access and free-to-air, with no access cost, no pay-wall and no login or password required.

Dedicated space for SAPVIA content is provided upfront in the Industry News section in every issue of Energize and Vector. In addition Energize has a dedicated section in every issue covering renewable and sustainable energy, and Vector has a dedicated section covering electrical and mechanical installations and contracting.

Publishing of selected company, project, product, people and event news, views, comment and opinion in Energize and Vector is free-of-charge, and is proactively encouraged. Click here for details on how to get your articles and press releases published in Energize and Vector.

The business of EE Publishers is funded through advertising, and companies and organisations wishing to reach the above target audience of Energize and Vector for their products and services are encouraged to support EE Publishers with print media adverting, website advertising and email newsletter advertising in Energize and Vector.

For further information contact:

Editorial content for Energize: Roger Lilley,
Advertising for Energize: Mark Yelland,

Editorial content for Vector: Mark Botha,
Advertising for Vector: Centaine O’Reilly,

EE Publishers: Tel 011 543-7000, Email, Website