Time to fret about fracking

  • What utter green nonsense! We need gas, we need jobs, and this bunch of obligatory moaners, having stopped fracking for five years, thinks it is still a bad idea. Have they seen what it has done for the US economy – over a million new jobs, energy prices at an all time low? And we should worry about finding some more water to go fracking? How nice that the Greespeaces and Earthlifes of this world are rich enough to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. Could they now take their lily-white hands far away, so that we can get on with the job of finding if there is gas in the Karoo, and if it can be produced economically

    • Asogan Moodaly

      I agree that there’s too much time being wasted. Also, there are ‘greener’ ways of fracking in terms of technology. Gas to power in my opinion seems a waste of value compared to gas to liquids (Sasol), or gas for thermal energy. South Africa’s energy costs are pretty high which hurts our competitiveness.

  • Ikhwane –

    Approve fracking or exploration?

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