Spatially-linked video tagging and playback

June 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Remote GeoSystems release Video GeoTagger Free and Pro tools which allows geotagging and geospatial video play back on a map. Video GeoTagger is designed for both amateurs and professionals to geotag video from drones, action cameras, cell phones, handheld and professional video systems. For videos that are already geotagged, the software serves as map-based video viewer with a position indicator that moves along a GPS track on the map, indicating where the video was captured. Clicking on any point along the track navigates the video linked with GPS to a particular location. Manual geotagging is also possibl. The software also includes video support for DJI drone and UAV systems, including the ability to decrypt and geotag using the DJI flight record data log as well as playback videos recorded with SRT file logging and closed captioning turned on. An optional panel below the map shows virtual navigation instruments and gauges which displays information pulled from the GPS companion file, including heading, speed (in km/h), UTC date and time and altitude.

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