Special pricing deals and the impact of renewable energy

  • Dick Beaumont

    I visited the EKSDOM website and noted how many power stations were built in the “bad” old days. It turns out that a new power station came on line every 20 months!
    All those stations came on line in time and on budget.
    Since 1994 the first unit of Medupi came on line in 2015. And at what cost?
    Another fact, not known nor appreciated by many, was that after Koeberg came on line in the 80’s, Dr Johm Maree, then chaiman of Eskom, announced that they were able to REDUCE the real cost of electricity by 30% up to 1992, and he further anticipated that by the turn of the century that Eskom should be able to reduce the real cost of electricity by a further 15%.
    Now that was a real hero, a true citizen of the country, and one who should be held in high esteem, for his service to South Africa.

  • Ed209

    Special prices should be shorter term in nature, no longer than 36 months. That way you can deal with the demand cycles. Also, RE is having an impact I am sure but how much of Eskoms total generation capacity is RE? I thought it was below 5%, surely that can’t be affecting the price all that much then?

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