Technological changes stir digital construction

June 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Presenters Neil Brooker, Marek Suchocki, German Bodenbender and Simon Bromfield.

Presenters Neil Brooker, Marek Suchocki, German Bodenbender and Simon Bromfield.

Autodesk hosted its Futures’ Forum in Johannesburg on 22 May 2018 to showcase its disruptive technologies for manufacturing and for the future of architecture and BIM. The company’s Neil Brooker said to Autodesk clients in attendance that the construction sector is taking after manufacturing, with the construction process becoming a production line. He went on to say cloud computing, digitalisation of everything and machine learning are disrupting forces which allow for new workflows such as computational and additive design. Case studies that showing how the company’s broad software suite is used across design, manufacturing and even robotics were showcased in video clips. German Otto Bodenbender, from Boogertman and Partners Architects also spoke on the future of architecture, and how cyber-physical systems, networks and artificial intelligence are transforming the construction sector. Better information improves processes downstream he said. He also showed how visualisation technologies such as VR go beyond presentation to serve as design tools, such as allowing designers to take the view of a person in a wheelchair to test a buildings accessibility. With most buildings already in existence, Brooker said that virtualisation starts with reality capture, which serve multiple purposes from documentation to preservation and asset management.

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