Technology empowers young people to create their own income

February 28th, 2017, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: EngineerIT


Delivering the keynote address at the Samsung Forum 2017 in Cape Town, Basetsana Kumalo, CEO of Connect TV said that digital technology and the establishment of WiFi networks in Tshwane and now also in Johannesburg is helping  to develop skills and create an income for young people, in particular the township youth.

She responded to the welcome address by the president and CEO of Samsung, Yoo Young Kim who in his opening address said that there is a shift to a new paradigm by Samsung Africa. “We are going to change the way we work. I am holding out my hand to all of you, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it. At Samsung Africa we will listen to what you have to say, learn about what it  means to be a part of Africa and to help whenever we can, no matter how difficult.”

Basetsana Kumalo, CEO of Connect TV

Kumalo said it is essential to reach out to the youth and make them part of the digital age, adding that there is a huge proliferation of smart phones in Africa which is a creating opportunities for people to view content online and not have to wait until a programme is aired by a broadcaster. Online streaming in areas where free WiFi is available has taken off; the public are able to watch short educational and community-relevant information on their phones at no cost.

Kumalo also announced the Connect Academy, an initiative of Connect TV that was established by Kumalo and Clifford Elk, to meet and address education, development, operational, outreach and user needs that have been identified through working in public edducation, as well as leveraging off user-generated content to create opportunities for new entrants. Connect TV has also designed and conceptualised an enterprise model to fund new entrants, and support and sustain an operating environment comprising cafés and kiosks.

Young people gather at these kiosks and learn about how the digital age can change their lives. Equipment has been set up for training in making short videos using cellphones; and how to edit and package these short programmes about what is happening in their community.