A variety of thermal imaging cameras

June 13th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Thermal imaging cameras detect heat and transfer these heat signatures into visual pictures on a screen for easy observation of problems in industry and other applications. They can also be used for viewing through mist, smoke, dust, darkness and light foliage, making it ideal for use by fire departments, law enforcement or even night driving by detecting hazards hundreds of metres before reaching them. In the electrical industry, they have many applications, and can be used in locating overloaded circuits, faulty circuit breakers, faulty transformers and many more. FLIR specialises in thermal imaging cameras, and has about 65% of the world market. The products range from their inexpensive and very affordable entry-level camera through a wide range of cameras with varying degrees of innovation and usable features, to some that incorporate their newly developed MSX technology ensuring a crisp image. Others incorporate GPS data, while some incorporate simultaneous information supplied by instruments from sister company Extech for parameters such as moisture and current.

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